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All Infomation About Roposo App | How to use

We are going to know how you can download Roposo App. Along with this, I will also teach you how to use the Roposo app in this article. And with this, we are also going to see some features of the Roposo app in it. So let’s start our Roposo App Download article today.

Roposo App Download | roposo app download

Friends Roposo app is an app made in India! Which is similar to Tiktok. Since the Tiktok Ban, the use of this app has increased. Due to being indigenous, people are liking this app a lot. Roposo App Both Android and iOS users can use this app. Friends, downloading the Roposo App is very easy. Here I have told you about how to download the Roposo app in an Android phone. For this! You just have to follow some steps given below.


All Infomation About Roposo App  How to use
All Infomation About Roposo App How to use

Roposo App Download Steps:

  1. You have to open Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Search by typing Roposo App in the search box.
  3. This app will be visible! You have to click on it.
  4. On the next page you will see the option of Download.
  5. The app has to be downloaded by clicking on the Install button.

Roposo App Information:

Friends, as told above that the Roposo app is an indigenous App! Which is made in India. Let me tell you one special thing about this app! Friends, you can watch your favorite artists live in this app. Live Stream option is visible in Roposo App! From where you can watch Celebrity Live. As soon as the app is opened, you come to the home screen. On its side, you will see the option of Live Stream.

With this, you get another very good feature in Roposo App. With the help of which you can also do shopping. If you like something about your favorite celebrity then! You can buy it directly with the help of this app! For this, you do not need to look in any external app. And all these goods are delivered to your home under Free Home Delivery. Friends, here is the information about this app! Let us now know about some more features of the Roposo App.

Roposo App Features:

Friends, by downloading the Roposo App! You can take advantage of the many great features given below.

Roposo App Live entertainment

Friends, in Roposo App you get a chance to watch Live Entertainment. Enjoy live shows, concerts, exclusive launches, stand-up comedy, and much more. Because of this, you will never feel bored.

Roposo App Live Sharing :

If you like any content on Roposo App then! You can directly share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. And not only this, friends, if you like something! And you want to buy that thing! Or want to share it with your friend! So you can do that too with the help of this Roposo App.

Roposo App Live Interactions:

With this Fetcher, you can interact with your favorite Creators. You can not just watch them live but you can also ask them to live questions. You are also given stickers for interaction. With this, you can become the favorite person of those creators.

Roposo App Live Comedy:

Friends, you know if you want to watch a live show! You have to take out his ticket. But with the help of this feature of the Roposo App, App can watch stand-up comedy without buying tickets! And that too Live.

Roposo App Live Dance :

By using this function, you can enjoy live dance performances sitting at home. You get a chance to watch the dance of your favorite creator sitting at home. In the same way, the App can also enjoy its Live Music.

Roposo App Pop Stores :

With this Fetcher, you are created by your favorite Creator! One can go to the special pop store and buy their favorite things directly from there. You can connect with them on the same.
Friends, in the same way, we have learned about some features of the Roposo App.

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