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How to buy BC in PUBG Lite? | Complete Process in 2022

BC is required to get a new Winner Pass in PUBG Lite, but in today’s time, it has become very difficult to get BC. Some time ago BC could be purchased through Midasbuy

But due to the closure of all the servers, now BC cannot be bought from there as well. Right now a way to buy BC is becoming very popular among the people. In this way you can buy BC yourself, yes you can buy BC from yourself and there will be no need to take BC from anywhere or from anyone else.

Here I am going to tell about the same method. If you want to buy BC then you can use this method, then let us know in pubg lite me bc kaise purchase kare?

How to buy BC in PUBG Lite?

Buying BC in PUBG Lite is not very easy and it is not very difficult either. If you follow the given steps properly, then you can learn to buy BC very easily.

To buy a BC you must first have a Verified Malaysia Gmail ID and Visa Debit Card, With this, the process is completed To do this also requires a VPN Is.

  • verify Malaysia Gmail
  • Visa Debit Card
  • Google opinion rewards
  • VPN Malaysia
How to buy BC in PUBG Lite  Complete Process in 2022
How to buy BC in PUBG Lite Complete Process in 2022

Many people do not have all these things. These include Malaysia VPN and google opinion rewards Can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. But Malaysia Gmail Account And Visa Debit Card You may have to do some hard work to get it, although it is not very difficult to get them.

Malaysia Gmail Account And Visa Debit Card I have given the information about how to get it below in this post, so you can take the information. Malaysia Gmail Account And Visa Debit Card can easily get When you have all these things, then you have to follow the steps given below to buy BC, after that you can buy BC very easily.

  1. First you Download Malaysia VPN You have to open it and connect to Malaysia server, after that, you have to remove all Gmail IDs on your mobile then log in with a verified Malaysia Gmail id.
  2. After this, you have to open Google Play Store and add your Visa Debit Card to the payment method. Keep in mind that you have to add Visa Debit Card only after 4 to 5 days of creating a Gmail ID. And 500 rupees in your account otherwise the card will not be added
  3. For how to add a Visa Debit card, you can watch the video given below or you can add Visa Card yourself by clicking on the payment method option.
  4. After adding the card, you have to open PUBG Lite Game and to buy BC, click on the Plus icon next to the BC above.
  5. After this, you have to click on the amount of BC you want to buy, keep in mind that the amount of money should be in your account.
  6. After this, you can purchase BC from Play Store through your Visa card. BC will be added to your account after successful payment

In this way, you can easily buy BC by following all the steps mentioned above.

How to open Savings Account and get a Visa card?

To buy BC, you can easily get Visa Debit Card by opening an account in Digital Savings Bank sitting at home online. There are many banks to open an account online, among them Kotak 811 is a very good bank.

Apart from this, Jupiter is also a very good bank, in either of the two, you can get Digital Visa Debit immediately by opening an account. How to open an account in both can read the post below

How to Create and Verify Malaysia Gmail?

Creating Malaysia Gmail is very easy, the way you create a normal Gmail ID, in the same way, you can create Malaysia’s Gmail

Creating a Gmail ID is easy, but not everyone knows how to verify it. Here I am giving you a link to a Youtube Video by which you can easily create Verify Malaysia Gmail ID.

Visa Debit Not Add in Play Store Problem Solution

Before adding Visa Debit to Google Play Store, some important things have to be kept in mind. If you take care of the important things, then you can easily add your card to the Play Store.

  • Check if your VPN is on before adding a card
  • The card has to be added only after 3 to 4 days of making the Gmail ID, otherwise the card will not be added.
  • You must have at least 500 rupees in your bank
  • Do not try to add the same card again and again, otherwise, the card will not be added.

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