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How To Create Room In BGMI | How to join room in BGMI

Hello friends, welcome to our new article today, in today’s article, we will tell you what is the room card in BGMI. How to use Room Card. What is the room card used for? How to buy room card How to apply room card In which article we will give complete information about room card. So read this article completely.

What is a room card

We can play room card with our friends. We can also play the room card 1v1 or 2v2. One room card is available once in 10 days. Or get an unlimited room card of 1 in every season. If the person who has the Royal Pass, then he gets unlimited room card for 7 days. Which you can use whatever you want in 7 days. You will see how the room card is done in the screenshot below.

What is a room card
What is a room card

How to use room card

Before using the room card, we must have the room card. To use the room card, first we have to use the room card. And after that from where we choose the map. There, at the bottom, you must have written the room. Going there we can apply the room card. We can put any map in the room card. You need to enter a password before inserting the room card. You can create room card by entering any password.

How to use room card
How to use room card

How to play room card with your friend.

To play Room Card with our friends, first we have to invite our friends. When he will yes to your invitation. Then he will be added to the room card with you. Similarly, you can play the room card with anyone’s friend.

How to buy room card

There are many ways to buy a room card. First of all, we get room card from clan once in 10 days. That too is found when we are in someone’s clan. Another way is that we can buy room card by giving UC. With UC we can buy unlimited room card.

1 day unlimited room card comes for 300 UC. Third way to buy room card In this way we do not buy room card. Rather, every season we will get a room card for free. We have to increase our RP by completing the mission which BGMI people will give. And we will get 1 day unlimited room card on 28 RP.

If we want to get unlimited room card without UC then we have to pass Royal. By passing Royale, we get 7 days unlimited room card. Which we can play as much as we can for 7 days. To get Royal Pass also we have to enter UC first. Only after that the Royal Pass is available.

How to join someone’s room card

Many friends want to feed us room card and they give us id password but we do not know how to join then how to join. So first of all we have to ask for ID and password from our friends. After that where the map comes to select. Go to it and press on the option of Room. At the top comes to enter the ID. The ID that your friend gave you.

How to join someone's room card
How to join someone’s room card

That ID has to be put there. If that ID is correct then after that it will ask for password, if that ID is wrong then it will not ask for password. When your ID number is correct, after that it will ask for the password.

So you have to ask for password to your friend. And put that password there. So whoever made the room card. You can easily join with him. Similarly, if you make a room card and send the ID password of that room card to your friend, then he will also join.

How to watch match of someone’s room card

If you are not playing room card then you can watch match of room card of your friends. Like your friends are playing 1v1, the first thing you have to do is talk to them. that send me request too. As soon as he sends you the request. You have to accept their request.

After accepting, there is a button at the bottom whose name is Spectate. You have to press that button and go to the spectacle. When your match will start after going into the spectate. So you can watch your friend’s match.

If you still don’t understand then You can ask us in comment. We will give your answer soon. If you liked our article, then click on the button below to read more of our articles.

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