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How To Earn Money With Quizee App?

Friends, you can take the help of Quizee App to earn money! Quizee App is such a platform, on which you can play some easy Quizee! There are other ways you can make money! Withdraw money easily!

How To Earn Money With Quizee App

Quizee App is a great way to earn money! You can earn money in many ways in this app. You can earn money through this application in some easy way sitting at home.

Money is needed to meet the daily needs of any person. If you are a student and use mobile throughout the day! So you can also increase your knowledge with the help of Quizee App! Apart from this, you can also earn money, with the help of which your daily needs can be fulfilled. First of all we will know how to download this app.

Quizee App
Sign Up

How to Download Quizee App

Quizee App Download can be done by 2 dates! First of all, you should open the Play Store on your mobile phone and go here and search Quizee App in Search! Quiz Earning App will come in front of you! Which you install! Other than this Link.

You can install this app immediately by clicking on it! After installing Quizee App, you have to open it! As soon as you open it, you will see the option of Sign up or Sign in! If you already use this app, you can sign in from here!

If your account is not on this app! So to create a new account, click on Sign Up! As soon as you click on Sign Up, you will come to write your name! Along with your email address below that and you can create a password by yourself! Password must be at least 6 words. Apart from this, you can sign in directly from Google! For which the option is given below the Or tax! In this, you will not have to manually fill anything!

earn money by signing up

You can earn money from Quizee App as soon as you sign up! As soon as you sign up in the way mentioned above! You will get 5000 Coins! There are 20000 Coins 200 Rupees, 70 Thousand Coins 1000 Rupees, 1 Lakh Coins 2000 Rupees and 2 Lakh Coins 5 thousand rupees! You can collect these coins in many ways!

Earn money with Invite Friend

The home page that is visible in front of you is open! On this, you will be seeing the icon of the profile on the top. After clicking on this icon, many options will come in front of you. In which you will also see an option of Invite Friend! As soon as you go to it, you can send an Invite to your friend through Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media! If he downloads this app through your Invite Link, then whatever earning will be done through this app for the rest of his life! You will always get 10% of that!

make money in Quizee App
ways to earn money

by participating in the quiz

In this app, you will be seeing Quiz on the home page! From here you can play quizzes! It also contains quizzes related to sports. By answering which easily you can win coins! You will also have to pay some Coins in the form of an Entry Fee to play the Quiz! As much as you will get back more coins than that!

by playing games

In this app, you will also see the game next to the quiz! You can also collect money from this! Here you can have fun by playing games! Together you can earn money too!

watching the video

Here you will see Watch Video written! By clicking here, the video will be played in front of you! You must watch this video till the end! Your coins will be credited as soon as the video is over!

By Prediction

You will also be seeing Prediction in this App! As you know IPL season has started! Who will win or who will lose in your daily match? By telling this you can easily earn a lot of money! For this, you have to first invest some coins! If your Prediction is correct! So You Can Win Many Coins!

by participating in the survey

When you come down here, you will see Complete Survey And Earn! By Completing This Survey You Can Earn 500 Coin! Here you will be asked some very simple questions! By answering which you will collect 500 Coins! Whether your answer is right or wrong, you will definitely get a Coin!

How to Withdraw Money

You will be seeing Coins at the top of the home page! Where it will be visible how many Coins you have collected! As I also mentioned above, how much money can you withdraw from how many coins! For this, you must have at least 2000 Coins! Above where your Coins are showing! By clicking on it, you will reach the page of Withdraw!

Here you can Withdraw through Paytm Phone pe Google Pay! To Withdraw In Paytm, You Will Be Seeing The Option To Enter Your Name Email I’d, And Paytm Mobile Number! fill it out! After this, your money will go to your Paytm Account as soon as you press on withdraw!

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