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How to increase followers on Instagram? 10 new Tricks 2022

Increase followers on Instagram, In today’s time, Instagram is a very good social media platform to increase your popularity or earn money. many people on Instagram how to increase followers Don’t know they don’t know what are the things that can help in increasing real followers on my Instagram

Many people increase their followers by adopting the opposite method, but those followers are of no use or they leave you in a few days. Well, there are many ways to increase followers on Instagram, but if you want your followers to grow fast and never unfollow you, then you have to Always remember 3 things that I am going to tell next

Apart from these three things, 10 more Genuine methods have to be followed, although always follow those three things which no one tells you. let’s know How to increase followers on Instagram for free In a genuine way? By trying our mentioned methods, you too can increase followers on your Instagram within just a few days.

How to increase followers on Instagram  10 new Tricks 2022
How to increase followers on Instagram 10 new Tricks 2022

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How to increase the followers of Instagram? | increase followers in Instagram?

To increase followers on Instagram, the three most important things have to be always kept in mind, let us know.

  1. Build a brand When you create an Instagram page, try to make it a brand. You should feel that you have not created a page but have opened a company. To build a brand, make sure to make a great “logo” which will be the identity of your page. A professional logo is very important for the growth of any company.
  2. Great Content – You must have heard that “Content is King”. Always keep this in mind and never compromise in content Due to the good content of the content, it will not be possible for a user to come to your Instagram page even fraudulently and leave without following the page.
  3. Publicity – You must have heard that “what you see is what sells”, you also have to follow the same thing and promote your page as much as possible. Your post must contain the name of your Page. There are many free ways to promote a page by which you can drive customers to your page.

Obviously, when someone comes to your page and your content is also good, then they will follow your page immediately. Never forget the three things mentioned above, if you forget these things by making a page, then your audience will start decreasing very soon.

Apart from these things, the 10 things mentioned below must also be followed, these 10 things are also necessary to increase the follower on the Instagram page.

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I will show 2 Methods for increase Instagram followers

increase Instagram followers in free

To increase followers on Instagram, you have to reach your Instagram posts and profile to as many people as possible.

If people like your post and profile, then they will follow you on their own. You can increase your Instagram followers by using all the free methods mentioned below-

1) Public Account

If you have created a brand new Instagram account, then initially keep it as Public Business Account. Whatever you post with this will be visible to more and more people in their Instagram feed in the suggestion and if the post is good then people will follow you.

2) Post Daily

To increase followers on Instagram, you have to post almost daily. For this, if you want, you can also post a photo, reel video or IGTV video.

If you can not post daily then try to post regularly. For example, post 2 to 3 days in a week.

3) Instagram Reels

Nowadays the most trend is of reels. Instagram itself is promoting reels a lot. So you also try to post as many reels as possible.

Apart from this, you can also create your reel by mixing it with the Instagram reels of celebrities and definitely tag them about the reels.

4) hashtag by using

The best way to increase followers on Instagram without spending money is to use Hashtag(#) related to the post about the post.

Your post will be able to reach more people through Hashtag (#). Like if you have posted a photo of a flower, then enter #flower #beautifulflower, etc.

5) Select Content Type

Always post the same category of content on your Instagram account. So that your audience will not leave you

For example, if you want to post educational content, then post photos and videos related to the same. It should not happen that if you are posting educational content today, then tomorrow you should start posting dance and songs.

By doing this, your current followers will also leave your account and run away and no sponsored post is given to this type of account in today’s time.

6) Trading Topics

Make most of your Instagram posts only on the current trading topics and make this your post related to the trending topic only.

If you want to create an Instagram reel, go to the Instagram reels section to see which music gets the most reels. You build on that too.

7) Instagram Story

You must post some or the other Instagram Story every day. By doing this, a colorful circle comes around your profile photo, which is very nice to see.

With this, whenever your profile is visible to someone, he will definitely follow your account after getting attracted.

Along with this, if you have a public account and you put an Instagram story, then it shows in other people’s Instagram search so that more and more people will be able to see it and whoever you like the story will also follow.

8) Shoutout

You can ask your friends for Shoutout to increase your Instagram followers. All they have to do is share one of your posts on their Instagram story, tagging you.

If the post is good then its followers will follow you on their own.

10) Follow Unfollow

If you are completely new to Instagram then you must try this trick to increase followers. First of all, the kind of post you do on your account,

Go to the comment box of the big Instagram page or Influencer’s post associated with it. After this, follow all the people who have commented.

After this, when those people follow you back, then after a few days you unfollow everyone. If you unfollow them, they will not even know anything and in this way your followers will also increase.

When you have a small number of followers (about 100 or 200), make your account private. After this, like and comment on similar posts from your account on large Instagram pages or posts of influencers similar to the kind of posts you do on your account.

When other people come to comment in the comment box, they will reach your profile through your comment and follow you.

keep in mind – Comments made on others’ posts should be engaging or knowledgeable. Then someone will come to your profile.

increase Instagram followers by paying

1) Instagram Story

Search the big Instagram pages associated with the types of posts you post on your account and message them for a paid Instagram Story.

They will tag your account and put the story. After this, when their followers see the story, they will follow you on your profile.

It takes 150 to 200 rupees to put a paid Instagram story. If you want to get a post posted on their page by tagging your account, then you may have to spend 500 to 800 for this.

2) Promotion

By spending money on Instagram, you can promote a post on your account to as many people as possible. If your post is attractive then people will definitely follow you.

For this, you have to go to the promote section in your Instagram business account and from there you can promote the account for only 200 rupees.

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Which is the app to increase followers on Instagram?

To increase followers on Instagram, there are apps like getting Insta, Likes +, Follow Insta, Follower Pro, etc. that you can use.

How many people can follow on Instagram in 1 day?

How many people can you follow on Instagram? – Quora. How many people can you follow on Instagram? Seven and a half thousand or a little more like 7600 just not more than that.

How much does Instagram earn in 1 day?

You can earn up to lakhs. Look friends, if you have 500 – 1000 followers on Instagram, then you can earn at least 10,000 to 15,000 a month from Instagram. And if you have 1000 – 10000 followers then you can earn 20,000 – 25,000 per month

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