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Which business can make more money with less effort?

Less effort and more money..

The mind became happy, the words broke in the heart. But when I thought then my mind started spinning. Then I thought then I am writing whatever came out.

Earlier there were kings. It was said that if you try to enter the court in some way, then you will get the job. It ripped the king into three parts..executive, judiciary, legislature.. But the good thing is that now there are three courts. In practical terms, consider only two..

Work hard and enter.

But here is the railmpel. Sitting on the tool outside the door, there was a disaster in the job.. Those MA, that MBA, that engineer Lakham lakhs clashed that the tool is ours, the tool is ours.. Bhaiyaji is a big problem.

Now if you understand a solution, do it. There is no coercion. Tells what to do If there is no capital at all, there is no need to panic even if there is only Gopal. Come, this Bala Raj Darbar means in the judiciary. In the country language in the court.. There is a saying that the court does not let anyone go hungry. So come here and spend some days .. learn some work dham .. make people work and earn money. … There is a saying that the court is the court. lot of work. Get a copy of someone’s document, get someone’s application rejected, get someone’s debit debit, help someone’s driver’s license, get someone’s land registered, one thousand works. Thousands come here every day and they don’t even know what work in which office. You are just messing around here; you will know everything.

cooperate. Their work was also done and people would happily give even Rs 100, even if they were happy. If you helped even 10 people in a day, then calculate it. If you have knowledge of computer computer then put ten twenty thousand rupees and sit in some corner. Earn five hundred thousand or more in a day. Now if a lot of work is being done digitally, then you will earn more. Like we are having application for online mutation, online land registration, online survey land information, online cast, resident, income certificate. Do you know… there is a charge of Rs 200 for doing one mutation online.

Which business can make more money with less effort?

If you do ten in a day, then calculate it yourself. People come for certificates. If you start doing it, then the child will eat the brain, first do mine, first do mine online. Even in the concession rate of Rs 50, you will earn so much that Meheru is also happy to see the house full of pockets. So there is a lot of work. It is difficult to do so much work. If the child starts doing people’s work, then the elder man will also be standing next to him and Gosiya will say that I am not ashamed of being an old man, I am standing for so long and you are doing the work of tankunma. But you don’t have to get angry. Say that she is your Lakshmi. Take a handful of sugar and say it in your mouth. And tell me what to do for them.

Business is a subject in which money is undoubtedly needed. Now if you think that asafetida should not be used or alum color should also be sharp, then this cannot happen. Also, until your slippers do not break, keep running so that your business can stand on a strong foundation, surely the business will not get even the love of profit (Return of Capital).

Population is undoubtedly the biggest problem in India today. So what if you start a business by making this growing population a strong base?

In today’s time every parent works hard to give good education and future to their child. Now the question is that when we have planned for two of us one, then the upbringing should also be good from the root.

Population figures of 2011 show that children aged 0–6 make up 16 percent of our entire population [1] which is approximately 158.7 million.

Now you will think that why am I telling you the figures of little children? That’s because my understanding of business may be less but keeping understanding of a commerce subject easily but staying within the rules, I would suggest to open a Play School.

Let’s know how you will start a business “with hard work”.

1) Develop a strategy for opening a play school:

You may underestimate the children, but their childhood is the foundation of a strong future. So, keeping this in mind, collect the details of these figures that how many children will be studying or staying in this preschool of yours.

2) There are different types of play schools:

The thing to understand is that play schools are not just for studies. Blick they are of different types. You want to open your play school a day care school, half day school, part time school or play school which is helpful for the child after school at the academic level.

3) Keep the financial structure ready:

You should know the accounting of your budget, utility cost in business, equipment required, advertising expenses of your play school in the market etc. But keep in mind that this framework is not light, but well studied. However, this is given in the form of incentives by the Indian government[3]. Although it is believed that Kidzee’s structure is 8 lakhs and Euro Kids’s structure is up to 10 lakhs.

It would be better if you take an already established play school franchise to open a play school. Why? So that with less investment and experienced hands, you get an easy opportunity to earn more profit in less money.

4) Location and Registration of Play School Opening:

You would think that why not open a play school at home itself. But wait, if we go according to the provision, the consent of the Co-operative Housing Society or Apartment Association[5] will undoubtedly be required. And also NOC would be required [6]. You are required to get your play school registered or else it will be declared unconstitutional [7].

5) Need for Teachers:

Since you are not starting a small business, therefore the National Council for Teachers Education [8] has a diploma, certifying that you have studied teaching pre-nursery, or have the necessary educational qualifications to have a B.Ed. Be sure to complete it.

6) Salary and Staff:

Service tax is not levied on any play school [9]. But if the number of staff members of your school is more, about 20 or more then you will have to pay under the EPF scheme.

I hope that even if you want to reduce the hard work, you will get more results if you try and these things are not necessary, trust with advice, so you will definitely try this business.

There are certain rules of business.

The business that costs less money to start, it takes more effort. For example, if you become a LIC agent, or mutual fund distributor, then your business starts in just Rs 5000 but it takes 3-5 years to earn good money if you work hard.

The business in which more money is spent, it takes less effort and money starts coming in a few days. For example, if you have taken a dealership of a car or bike, in which 40 – 50 lakhs have been spent, but your profit will not start making in no time.

Here by hard work I mean physical effort. Mental hard work is needed in every type of business.

I would like to tell about some such business in which a little more money is spent, but physical effort is negligible.

Mobile Service Center: New age smartphones which are getting expensive day by day, their spare parts and repair cost are also high. You can take advantage of this opportunity. Take a course of 3-6 months in mobile repairing.
Then open your own service center in which you can honestly repair customers’ mobiles.
After a little experience, you will get the service center of big mobile brands like Samsung, MI, Oppo etc. from the company itself.

Professional Youtube Channel: Although it starts without investing money, but you have to do business and earn money in no time.
That’s why you have to work with professionals.
You can create your own youtube channel on the topic of your choice. For this, you shoot your video in a professional studio, and get editing done by an expert.
Then you get this EO done from a professional company.
When the editing and marketing of the video is done properly with the content, then you will see amazing.
Name fame and money, you will earn everything.

Business of Hostel or Paying Guest: If you have your own house inside the city, then after taking permission from the municipality, you should make 1 or 2 floors above the house. Then you can start the business of hostel or paying guest there.

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