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Who really makes big money from the stock market?

Share market has become such a name nowadays, everyone knows it, some people make good money in it and some people come here thinking that they too will earn money but what is the reason that not everyone is able to earn money here?

And those who go here after eating losses, they call it the most gambling game. Is that true? If not why? Today we will answer many such questions and tell you and you who are those people who are earning money in the stock market.

Let’s talk first that there is a game of gambling in the stock market?

Without any knowledge about anything or without knowing about it, saying that that thing is not good or very good, both are wrong, so let’s first know a little about it, then you decide for yourself what is the truth. ?

Even in the stock market, only those people who have good knowledge about it are able to make money, you do not need to have any big financial degree or very educated to get this knowledge.
If someone knows maths even up to class 5, then he can learn well in the stock market and then earn money.
If you go without knowing the stock market, then it will seem like a gambling game because you do not know when and why the stock of which company is increasing and why it is decreasing, people who make money from hereWe are not saying who knows 100%, but yes those people know about the company well and do the fundamental and technical analysis of that company well, only then they like to take shares of that company.
But the person who does not know all this and after buying the shares expects that God will increase the price of the share or if the share keeps increasing then it is not sure that all these things depend on the performance of the company and the demand and supply of the share.

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Who is making money in share market?

There are many people in the stock market who have started with a very small amount and today they are the owners of crores and billions.
This does not mean that he has made so much money by gambling, he has understood the stock market well and then has taken the share of a company and today he is a successful person.
If he can become a successful person then why can’t we, that’s why it is absolutely wrong to invest money in anything without knowing it.
With my advice one should not do this but we can understand that there are many people in our society who have a lot of difficulty in understanding English, I was also one of them.
That’s why I and my team have started an effort to make this thing easy, in which we have started explaining every little thing in Hindi about the stock market from the beginning.

We have made a blog of every little thing in our website, if you think that you want to earn money in the stock market, then you must have good knowledge about it, the link of the website is given in the description of my profile. can read.

We wish you a bright future. I hope that you liked this article and I have been able to answer the questions asked by you properly.

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You must have heard the name of Sovereign Wealth Funds – these are the group of investors funded by the ruling class of the world. Their emergence has been controversial because people believe that their investments are motivated not by financial terms but by political motives.

If you think that only this class makes huge profit from the market then you are wrong. In fact, there are four major ‘groups’ that decide the direction and condition of the world’s financial markets.

There are four groups of Sovereign Wealth Funds, these four are the most prominent players in the stock markets of the world who never give up under any circumstances, you can name them “Power Brokers”.
According to the report of McKinsey Global Institute, these are the four power brokers –

petro dollar investor
Asian Central Bank
hedge funds and
Private Equity Investor.
Apart from the capital market, they also cross-invest among themselves. Due to the complete transparency of the working of these Sovereign Wealth Funds, their political influence cannot be ruled out.

Of these four, the investments of petro dollar investors, which are oil exporting countries, are the most opaque, largest and most controversial.
For example, the activities of Saudi Arabia’s oil company Aramaco are highly suspicious, this company does not reveal its oil reserves, nor its source of income, yes last year it has announced its net profit of 111 billion USD for the first time. The head of this company is Crown Prince Salman, whose lobby is strong in America, as well as he silences the voice raised against the Saudi royal royal anywhere in the world with the help of his secretive and most barbaric wing.

According to the report, the central banks involved in this power group invest heavily in foreign assets which provide stability to their currency, here their objective is stability and not profit making, so that they can save their huge reserves of money in cash and long term. Keep in official date.
The remaining three power brokers keep the bulk of their money overseas. They invest their money in government controlled and fund-run companies as well as private companies that fund investments abroad with the help of intermediaries in London and Switzerland.

According to an estimate, the combined assets of these power brokers were valued at US$ 15,200 billion in 2012.

According to an estimate, 59 percent of the petro dollar investment of all oil exporters comes from governments and 41 percent from individual groups.
Regarding these power brokers, the Financial Times believes that “whether oil prices fall further, whether China’s current account surplus decreases or even if there is a global recession – the assets of these four groups will double in the next three years.” Will be
These power brokers are the biggest players in all the stock markets of the world.

No one gets to know about all the activities of these power brokers. They do all their business through selected very powerful people of the world.

Their strategy is incomprehensible, they are known to make huge profits and exit in a short time by bringing unexpected fluctuations in any commodity/any stock market of the world.

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How do you get your money out of the stock market?

To “withdraw money from the stock market,” you must enter an online order to physically sell whatever stock investment you have, whether it’s a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, or individual stock. Only exit when your stock price is high

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