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What is Google pay Per Day Limit

We are about to know! What is the Gpay Limit? Friends, due to today’s increasing online transactions! Everyone is making online payments these days. To promote Online Transactions in India! (National Payments Corporation of India)! Unified Payments Interface was introduced. Which is also known as UPI. In this case, it becomes necessary for us to know the Google Pay Limit.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is also known as Gpay. It is a Digital Payment Platform! Where you can do online transactions. Google Pay is a platform developed by Google. It is mostly used as UPI Payment. You can use it for payment on Mobile, Tablet, and Smartwatch. With the help of UPI, you can pay directly from your bank to anyone through Google Pay. But some limit has been imposed on this by Google Pay. With GPay, you can make payments, transactions, funds transfers, recharge, etc. All this is done under UPI. Friends, many people have questions about Gpay Limit. If you are a Google Pay User! Then you should know this! So that you do not face any problems in doing transactions.

What is Google pay Per Day Limit
What is Google pay Per Day Limit

Google Pay Daily Limit | What is the limit of Google Pay

  • As you know guys! Key Google Pay is UPI Based App. Due to this, you can do a maximum of 100000 transactions in a day.
  • You are not able to do more than 10 transactions in a day. Whichever of these two limits you will reach first! After that, you will not be able to use Google Pay on that day.
  • In Google Pay, you can only do transactions up to 100000 at a time.

If you feel any limit out of these three! So you cannot do transactions on that day. Friends, this is the only reason to impose this limit! Because of this while having money in your bank! You cannot do transactions on Google Play. Friends, this Gpay Daily Limit is different for each bank. It is UPI that there is a limit.
given the above! 3 Limit has been set by Npci (National Payments Corporation of India). But the bank has the right to set its own limit.

What is Google Pay Bank Limit?

Like if a user uses Axis Bank! So he can do transactions up to Rs 100000 in a day. On the other hand, if a user uses Bank Of Maharashtra for Google Play! So he can only do transactions up to Rs 25000. Therefore the limit of each bank is different. What is the UPI limit of which bank? To know this click on the link given below. Here you will get to know the UPI Limit of all banks in India.

So friends, before you see the limit of Google Pay, you should check the limit of that bank! The bank in which you have an account. That’s why you should check the UPI Limit of your bank.

What is Google Pay Request Limit?

Friends, this has to be done by the user! Limit of Transaction but Gpay for money request from the person in front! There is a limit of Rs 2000. That is, you can request only up to Rs 2000 from the person in front of you in a day.

Friends, this limit does not apply only to Google Pay! Whatever is Upi Based Application. This limit applies to all of them! As applicable to Phonepe, and Paytm as well. This app also uses UPI, that’s why the limit of Upi applies to them too.

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