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What is Ludo Ninja App? How to make money from Ludo Ninja?

Friends, in this article all the information about Ludo Ninja App has been given – What is Ludo Ninja App? How to make money from Ludo Ninja?

Also how to download Ludo Ninja? , how to play ludo on it?, earn money from it? Complete information is also given about how to withdraw the earned money in the bank etc. Friends, if you also want to earn money by playing Ludo Game for fun or to earn money then Ludo Ninja App Must know about

What is Ludo Ninja?

Ludo Ninja is an application where you can earn money by playing Ludo. It is very easy to play Ludo on the Ludo Ninja app and through this one can earn money by playing Ludo sitting at home.

On the Ludo Ninja app, you can play games both for free and by spending money. If a person plays Ludo on this app and wins, then he also gets the money.

The special thing about this app is that you can play the Ludo games even by putting only one rupee on this app. With this, you can play the game here anytime within 24 hours.

What is Ludo Ninja App  How to make money from Ludo Ninja
What is Ludo Ninja App How to make money from Ludo Ninja?

How to download the ludo ninja app,

Most of the applications that earn money by playing games are not supported by Google Play Store, so to download Ludo Ninja or Ludo Ninja Game, you have to search Ludo Ninja Game on Google.

  • Search Ludo Ninja Game on Google
  • After that go to ludoninja.com
  • And from there click on ‘Download App’
  • Download the APK file of this app.

Then click on the downloaded file to install this app. If the option of Unknown Sources is turned off in your phone then it has to be enabled.

For this, go to Settings and turn on Unknown sources and then click on Install. After this Ludo Ninja App will be installed on your phone.

How to Create an Account on Ludo Ninja,

After installing Ludo Ninja App, you have to create your account on it to play the game on it.

To create an account on the Ludo Ninja app, follow these steps –

  • Step 1. First of all open Ludo Ninja App.
  • Step 2. Enter your mobile number and click on Login Securely.
  • Step 3. Enter the OTP received on the mobile number and click on verify.
  • Step 4. Select your name and your language then click on Continue.
  • Step 5. Click on Arrow → 3 to 4 times and then click on Claim Bonus.

In this way, your account will be created on Ludo Ninja and as soon as the account is created, you will reach the home page of the Ludo Ninja app.

Here you select your state by clicking on Select State. After that, you can play the game and start earning money.

How to earn money with ludo ninja,

You can earn money in 3 ways on the Ludo Ninja app-

  1. signup bonus
  2. playing games
  3. by referring

1. Ludo Ninja Signup Bonus

As soon as you create an account on the Ludo Ninja app, you will get 10 rupees as a signup bonus, with the help of You can play ludo and earn money by spending money on this app,

In this way, if you have more than one mobile in your house then you can earn money by creating an account of the Ludo Ninja app on all mobiles.

2. by playing games

We already told you that money can be earned by playing Ludo on Ludo Ninja. If you want to earn money by playing ludo for free on Ludo Ninja

So let us tell you that playing Ludo for free gives very little money. On the other hand, if you play the game even by putting 10 rupees, then you can earn almost double it.

3. By referring

Ludo Ninja App Provides Refer and Earn facility. If you refer the Ludo Ninja app to any other person then you get Rs.30. Think of it as when you share your referral link to someone and install Ludo Ninja from your referral link and create an account on it.

After that he deposits money to play the game then you will automatically get 30 rupees in your Ludo Ninja account. Similarly, to earn more and more money, you can earn more money by referring the Ludo Ninja app to many people.

Ludo Ninja Game rules of

It is very important to know its rules before playing any game. So friends, let’s know about the rules of the Ludo Ninja Game –

  1. In this game, you already get all the tokens on the open position i.e. no need to bring 6 to bring the token out of your house.
  2. Only 10 seconds are given to make each move. If the player does not make his move in 10 seconds, then after 10 seconds his move is made on his own.
  3.  In this game, you get limited moves. That is, you do not even need to finish the whole game to win the game. As soon as the moves run out, the game ends automatically and the player with the most points at that time wins.
  4. Extra moves and extra scores are obtained by cutting the opposite player’s token and passing their own token.

How to play Ludo in Ludo Ninja,

As we already mentioned, playing the game in Ludo Ninja is very easy. Here you have been given two ways to play Ludo.

  • First – Dice Based Format – That is, the Dice will be seen rotating in this, then the number will come.
  • Second – Existing Dice – less Format – Dice will not rotate in this, the number will come directly.

Follow these steps to play Ludo in Ludo Ninja –

  • Step 1. First of all open the Ludo Ninja app. Then click on NINJA.
  • Step 2. After this, select the game with the entry amount of as many rupees as you want to play the game. After that confirm the payment.
  • Step 3. By doing just that, your Ludo game will start.
  • Step 4. Now make the right moves keeping your moves in mind. In the number box at the bottom, you will see the numbers appearing in the move of your next dice.
  • Step 5. Try to cut as many pieces as possible from the player in front and pass your piece in fewer moves.

If your score is higher than the other player’s when all the moves are over, you win.

How to Add Money to Ludo Ninja App,

If you want to play the game by investing money in Ludo Ninja App, then for this you have to first add money to this app.

You can use Debit Card, Net Banking, or UPI to add money.

Steps to add money in Ludo Ninja App-

  • Step 1. Open Ludo Ninja App.
  • Step 2. Click on the Wallet icon in the top right corner.
  • Step 3. Now click on Add.
  • Step 4. Enter the amount you want to add in the amount box.
  • Step 5. Then click on Add Money.
  • Step 5. Select the payment method. (Debit Card, Net Banking or UPI)
  • Step 6. Then make the payment by clicking on send or pay.

By doing this, the amount of money you would have added, and some cashback will also be added to your Ludo Ninja wallet.

How To Withdraw Money With Ludo Ninja,

Withdrawal of money from Ludo Ninja is very easy. If you want, you can withdraw your money in any UPI app like Phone Pay, Google Pay, etc. or you can also directly ask for money in the bank by filling in bank details.

In the wallet of Ludo Ninja, you will get to see money in 3 sections. 1. Added Money, 2. Winning Amount and 3. Bonus amount.

You can withdraw money only from the Winning Amount. Winning Amount is the amount that you have won/earned by playing the game.

To withdraw money from Ludo Ninja, follow these steps –

  • Step 1. Open Ludo Ninja Application.
  • Step 2. Click on the Wallet icon.
  • Step 3. Now click on Withdraw in front of Winning Amount.
  • Step 4. Then fill in the box in front of the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Step 5. After this select UPI or Bank Account at the bottom.
  • Step 6. After this, at the end, click on Withdraw at the bottom.

After doing this, within a few minutes, your money will be transferred to the bank with the help of the selected bank account or UPI App.

To transfer money to Direct Bank Account, you have to select the bank account and then withdraw the money by filling the bank details like account number ifsc code.

Ludo Ninja Customer care number

Friends, ludo ninja app currently does not have any customer care number, but if you want to contact them then [email protected] But you can mail by writing your problem.

Ludo Ninja Fake is or Real?

Friends, the Ludo Ninja app is an absolutely real application and people also earn money by playing Ludo on it.

If you do not believe then you can search Ludo Ninja Game on YouTube and there you can see live people earning money by playing Ludo in the videos.

Ludo Ninja App Which country is the application form?

If you are a resident of India then you will be happy to know that Ludo Ninja App is an application from India. This app is completely safe and secure.

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