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What is Ola Cab? | How to book Ola Cab?

Hello friends, in today’s article we will know What is Ola Cab? How to book Ola Cab? Well, everyone knows about it, but mobile users who do not know about it, can now book Ola cabs from their smartphone with the help of this article, and make their journey easy and enjoyable.

In today’s online time everyone has an Android phone. Do you live in a village? Do you live in a city? How to book Ola Cab? Because whenever you go to a big city, you face problems in moving from one place to another.

And in such a situation, you definitely need to book an Ola cab to make your journey easier and better. So friends, let us know how to book Ola Cab and you will get to read all the information related to Ola Cab in this article.

What is Ola Cab? How to book Ola Cab?

Ola Cabs is an Indian Riding Company, which provides transportation service from one place to another. Ola is a mobile Android app from which you can book Ola cabs wherever you are by entering the location of that place. There are vehicles like Bike, Car, etc.

What is Ola Cab  How to book Ola Cab
What is Ola Cab How to book Ola Cab

How to book Ola Cab?

Booking an Ola Cab is very easy and simple. If you also want to learn how to book Ola cab with the help of this article or you are very much interested in knowing AC interesting information, then you can book Ola cab by following some simple steps given below and also for your information. You can read the information given in this article.

  • To book Ola Cab, you have to first download and install Ola App from Playstore.
  • After installing, you have to open the Ola app.
  • After opening you have to create your account in Ola app. For that you need your mobile number and Gmail account.
  • After entering the mobile number, you will get an OTP, you have to put it there.

After completing this simple process, your account will be created on Ola app, now you have to follow some steps to book an Ola cab, for which you have been told in some steps below, by following which you can book an Ola cab Is.

  • After creating an account on the Ola app, you have to put all the location of where you want to pick up, where you want to drop.
  • After entering the location, you will get the option of Round Now, click on it.
  • After clicking on Round Now, you will get the coupon and some information about it.
  • Where you also get the option of payment, in which you can also do money wallet and cash has to be selected from one of these.
  • After doing all this process, you have to click on confirm.
  • After confirming, an OTP will come on your mobile, that OTP you have to give to the cab driver.
  • And you also get the cab number and cab driver’s number here. If you need the bill for your cab booking, then you also get the bill on your Gmail.

By following all these process and steps, you can also book a cab easily. When you book a cab by following the steps a couple of times, then it will be very easy for you to book a cab, and you will also understand all the information related to it.

Ola Price Per Km | Ola Car Price Per Km

If you do car booking through the Ola app, then your destination or the place you are going to should be at least 7 to 8 kilometers away from you. Ola charges Rs 24 per kilometer on the car, and it all varies with demand and can cost up to Re 1 for 1 minute.

How to book Ola Cab?

So for this you have to go to Ola Cars website or app. Where you have to click on the option of Sell Car given on the right side. After this, you will get the option of Fide Car Price in front of you. Clicking on it will take you to another page of the website.

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