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What is Onecode App? How to earn money from this?

OOnecode app A new app has been launched to earn money online. Here I am going to tell you about one such app which is becoming very popular.

This app will be very beneficial for those people who earn money by referring. You must have seen the name of this application in the title, yes I am talking about the Onecode application.

With this app you can earn money in real and its best thing is that you do not even have to make any investment in it.

What is Onecode App?

Friends, Onecode App is such an application, through which you can earn money online by referring (share) many Apps, Services and Products. Each company runs its own different referral program, so everyone’s referral link and referral code is also different.

In a way, it is similar to an affiliate program, in the affiliate program you get commission by selling the product, in which you get money by selling services. Understand this way, if you want to earn money by referring Google Pay, then first you have to download Google Pay yourself, create an account on it and then you will be able to refer it.

This way, to refer each app, you have to first create an account in it, then you will be able to refer it. But, on Onecode, you will get to refer many apps in one place. That is, to join the referral program of all apps, there is no need to create an account on it and you also get a commission for referring.

Even if you do not use the app, you can earn money by referring it very easily through Onecode App.

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OneCode App is an online earning app, created by Vistas TechnoLabs Pvt Ltd. It is a very good way to earn money online
OneCode App is an online earning app, created by Vistas TechnoLabs Pvt Ltd. It is a very good way to earn money online

How Onecode App Works?

Onecode app does this on Refer and Earn program. But this app is different from others because it gets more money than other apps on referring it.

When you refer app or service to people from Onecode App and people start using that app or service from your referral link, the company pays you a commission.

Like – If you have anyone from Onecode App bank account Referred and using your link, the person in front opened my online account in that bank Then you will get the referral money.

Then even if that person stops using the bank account after a few months, but your earnings will not stop. That is, it is not like that when the person in front will use that app or service for the rest of his life, then only you will get money.

Onecode App Partner Company and Services

At present, to refer to Onecode App, you will get to see products and services in 13 categories, which include –

  1. Recharge and Bill Payment – In this, good cashback is being given on recharge and bill payment.
  2. digital gold or silver – It has 1% commission
  3. Credit Card/EMI – Credit card / EMI – Dhani, Indsuind Bank, Freecharge, Yes bank etc. (Commission up to 3000)
  4. Loan – Commission up to 2.5% commission
  5. demat account – Paytm Money, Fisdom, Upstox etc (Commission up to 900)
  6. bank account – Axis Bank, Indusind Bank, Kotak 811, NiyoX, Future Generali etc.
  7. insurance – Future Generali, Care Hospicash Insurance
  8. credit builder – Redcarpet Reset Card
  9. payment gateway – Razorpay
  10. gold loan – ICICI Gold Loan
  11. investment – Jar App, Siply, Axis Bank Mutual Fund
  12. Lending App – SaveIN Money
  13. crypto currency – CoinDCX

In all the categories mentioned above, you will find products and services of many big partner companies like Paytm, Bajaj, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, Kotak Bank, Jupiter, Upstox, Zest Money, Freecharge, Razor Pay.

What are the features of Onecode App?

  • The user interface of this app is quite simple, so anyone can use this app very easily.
  • In this, you get a good commission on “recharge and bill payment”, so that you can earn a lot of money by doing recharge and bill payment of your family, friends etc.
  • Onecode App In this, an attempt has been made to explain the terms and conditions of any app or service through video. You can know everything about the app by watching the video.
  • Money earned in Onecode App is easily withdrawn. This app gets more referral money than other online earning apps.

How to Download Onecode App ,

Friends, Android users will get Onecode App on Google Play Store and iOS users will get it on App Store. You can search and download it from there.

But if you download Onecode App from our link and create your account on it using our referral code One@Every then you will get Sign Up Bonus up to Rs.100.

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Onecode App how to create account ,

  1. Download and open the most Onecode app, select the language of your app and click on the arrow (→) three times.
  2. Now click on Sign up above. Then first of all fill your full name, below that the mobile number linked to the bank account, below that your email address and below that in the Referral Code box, One@Every. Tick ​​(✓) the small box and click Sign up.
  3. Now confirm by filling the OTP received on the mobile number.
  4. Select your address by entering the pincode of the place where you live.
  5. Your own Onecode app referral code will appear on the next page. If you want, change it according to you or leave it like this and continue.
  6. By doing this, your account will be opened on Onecode app and now you will have to complete KYC to use all the features of this app.

Onecode App How to do KYC ,

To do KYC of this app, you must have your PAN card.

  1. Immediately after the account is opened on the Onecode app, it will ask for some permissions, allow all.
  2. After this, go to your profile by clicking on your name in the top left.
  3. Then click on Verify Now.
  4. Now fill all your personal information, PAN card number, occupation etc. Keep in mind, this information should match with your PAN card information.
  5. * Select all the categories in the Interested category and submit.
  6. Then after clicking on the declaration box at the bottom, click on Save Details.
  7. Now after allowing all the permissions on the next page, upload a selfie from one of you.
  8. Then submit your signature.
  9. From the next page you can download your Id card and Office letter. By the way, this is not necessary, so you can directly click on Go to Home and reach the home page.
  10. Now you can earn money by referring apps, products, services etc from the home page.

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How to earn money from OneCode App?

Onecode app se paise kaise kamaye : To earn money from OneCode app you must have network of people i.e. if you have any YouTube channel, or blog or Instagram page or Facebook page or group then you can refer people there many services very easily for month. 50,000 to 1,00,000 can be earned.

Even if you do not have a network of many people, you can still earn money by referring friends, relatives and doing their recharge and bill payment.

Let us now talk about how to refer a product or service to earn money from OneCode app –

How to refer a product in OneCode App?

  1. For this, you first open the OneCode app and go to its home page, then now go to the category.
  2. From here, open any category of product or service you want to refer, by clicking on it.
  3. For example, here we want to refer Kotak bank by opening the category of Bank Account.
  4. For this we will click on Kotak bank. Now by clicking on the details, read all the terms & conditions related to it. The details will also be written that till when you will get the referral money.
  5. After this click on Share Now. After clicking, a video of the training will appear in front of you. Watch it carefully because after the video, many questions related to it will be asked.
  6. After choosing the correct answer to the questions, you will come by writing Congratulation. Now you can share it as many times as you want to people on your WhatsApp, Facebook etc. by clicking on Share Now.
  7. That is, you will not have to watch the video related to it again and again and neither will you have to answer the questions again and again. After sharing the product or service, explain the benefits of using that product or service to the person in front.
  8. If you are successful in explaining your point, then the person in front will definitely use that product or service and your earning will be done.

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One Code App Lifetime Unlimited How To Earn Money ,

Refer and Earn Program in Onecode App Through this you can earn lifetime unlimited money. For this, you will have to get other people to download the Onecode app from your referral link.

After this, whatever money the person in front will earn from his Onecode App, you will get 10% of it as commission.

For example, if the person in front of you earns 50,000 per month from the Onecode app downloaded from your link, then you will get 10% of that i.e. Rs.5,000 per month.

To check your referral code, you go to the My Network section on the home page of the One Code App. Your One Code referral code will be given at the top of the next page,

To share, share this app with as many people as possible by clicking on the share icon in front of it. Don’t forget to send Onecode referral code along with the referral link to the people.

Also, send them this article to explain them the benefits of One Code, so that people can help them in opening and using their account on Onecode App.

Friends, by now you must have known what is Onecode App and how to earn money from it. Now let’s talk about how to send the earned money to your bank account.

How to Withdraw Money from OneCode App ,

Friends, To Withdraw Money From One Code App Bank Account and PayTM Like the payment methods are given. of your earnings Money is automatically transferred within 15 days.

To enter your bank account number or paytm number for money withdrawal on One code app, follow the steps given below

  • Go to the Profile section of your Onecode app.
  • Then click on Paytm Transfer.
  • Then enter your bank account number and click on Save & Continue
  • Or click on Paytm then enter the number and click on Update PayTM Number.

Just now your money will automatically keep coming to your selected account.

Onecode App Real or Fake ?

Friends, this question may also be coming in your mind whether Onecode App is Real or Fake. So let us tell you that this application is absolutely real.

In today’s time people are earning good money from it and you too can earn money from it by using your skills.

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