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What is Winzo App? | refer and earn program in Winzo?

Winzo App is an application where you can earn money by playing different types of games. So if you are a person who enjoys playing games then he must definitely download Winzo App. Winzo is 100% percent legal and genuine and not only once, I have been paid several times by Winzo via bank and Paytm Wallet deposit.

There are both free and paid games on this app. Apart from games, you can also earn good money by referring Winzo App. Let’s know about Winzo app refer and earn program.

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What is winzo app refer and earn program?

According to the refer and earn program of the Winzo app, if you refer and install the Winzo app to another person and get him to play 1 game, then you can get Rs 22 to Rs 80, plus you can get 5% of that person’s earning. Will get it for a whole lifetime.

The person who creates his ID by installing the Winzo app through a referral link, will immediately get Rs 10 to Rs 50 as sign up bonus, which he can use to play the game.

Download Winzo App

Winzo App Quality Meter

Friends, on the top of the page of Refer Now & Earn in the Winzo app, you will find ROOKIE STAR or BRONZE STAR or GOLD STAR written. By clicking on it on Quality Meter, you can check your level.

The quality meter of winzo app is between 1 to 10 and according to its level, you get referral money.

If you stay in the 2nd or 3rd level then you will get 22 or 32 rupees for a referral whereas on the increasing level you can also get 80 rupees for a referral.

Let me tell you, when your 10 referrals are successfully completed, then your level becomes 4, after which you will get 40 rupees on referral and will continue to get 5% commission for a lifetime.

To increase the level on Winzo Quality Meter, you have to get more and more people to install Winzo app by referring them and get them to play a game on winzo app.

How to Refer Winzo App?

To refer Winzo app, download Winzo app and sign up with your Paytm/google pay/phone pay number.

Keep in mind, while signing up in the Winzo-app, you should use your Paytm number only, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw the earned money later.

However, you can transfer money to the bank by entering the UPI id of Google pay or Phone pay or Amazon Pay. After that follow the following steps

  1. On the home page of Winzo-app, click on Refer option.
  2. Now click on Refer Now & Earn.
  3. From here refer this app through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc.

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How To Withdraw Money By Referring From Winzo App?

To be eligible to withdraw money in the Winzo app, you must first refer the Winzo app to at least 10 people Only after that, you will be able to withdraw money from it. After this, go to the Refer option to withdraw money.

Now click on the Withdraw option at the bottom of the page that will open. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw here and click on Confirm. From here you can transfer by phone pay, Paytm, google pay, amazon pay or even directly to the bank, I recommend that you enter the UPI ID, which will transfer the money to the instant bank.

Winzo App Payment Proof?

In Winzo App, you can transfer your money to the bank instantly by entering the UPI ID of any app. Here I also show you my payment proof. You can read the post given below for payment proof.

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How to play winzo app?

First of all visit this WinZO website in your browser.
Enter your mobile number on this page and click on the “Get App Link” button.
You will receive a download link via SMS.
By visiting the same link you will be able to download this game.

How to earn money by playing games without investing money?

Yes, you can earn money from the Dream11 app. You can become an expert by playing this game. You just have to do it very carefully because everyone has their own strategy for this game. Some people have already earned a lot of money through the Dream11 game app without investing much money.

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