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From anywhere in the world, browse the news and shows of France 24 on your mobile and your tablet. Read and watch the latest news or learn French by installing and using our applications.

• Browse through top news stories, latest news, special reports

• Watch live TV shows and TV on demand

• Get the latest breaking news alerts by push notifications

• Follow our journalists' Tweets and get real time updates on all global stories

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Download the latest vupdate of our app, improved with users' feedback and innovations, easily browse through interactive and exclusive contents specially prepared by France 24 journalists.


• The France 24 app is Chromecast compatible, allowing you to watch programmes and the live channel on your TV.

• The multitask player allows you to browse the site while watching videos.

• If you can’t look at the screen for any reason, listen to France 24’s live audio feed which works even with the screen off.

• In order to provide the best user experience, the France 24 app allows users to personalise their homepage, create a profile and select favourite subjects and programmes to watch and read at any time.

French, English, Arabic


• With the Airplay and Chromecast compatibility, enjoy your favorite France 24 shows, live TV and reports right on your television.

• Thanks to the “Favorites” page, select the news and stories the most relevant to you.

• You can also listen to the “Audio only” version of the livefeeds to get the news as it happens, on-the-go.

French, English, Arabic


Windows Phone 8

• Browse through top news stories, latest news, special reports.

• Get the latest breaking news alerts by push notifications.

French, English, Arabic

RFI - France 24 - MCD on Windows 8

• International and French news by France 24, RFI and Monte Carlo Doualiya.

• In French, English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hausa and Swahili.


• Watch the latest international news live 24/7 and all our programmes available on-demand.

• Become an Observer and send us your picture and videos.

French, English, Arabic

Mobile Website

From any smartphone, you can access all the latest international news from our mobile website:

There, you can browse all the articles published on, videos, TV shows on-demand and the 3 channels of France 24 live in English, French and Arabic.

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