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France Médias Monde does not store personal data. We use only an anonymous identifier necessary for receiving alerts that is connected to your internet browser.

How do I unsubscribe from France 24 news alerts?

You can unsubscribe from our news alerts at any time using any of the following methods:

  1. Deleting your browsing history will also delete your authorisation so you no longer receive our news alerts.
  2. Click on the padlock icon in the address bar, then click on “Block” in notifications to cancel our news alerts.
  3. You can also unsubscribe via your web browser settings. Follow these steps to unsubsribe on the main web browsers:
    • Using Chrome on a computer
      1. Open the Chrome browser
      2. Paste this address in the search bar: chrome://settings/content/notifications
      3. Look for the France 24 site in the list, click on the three vertical dots and select “Block”
    • Using Chrome on a smartphone or tablet
      1. Launch the Chrome app
      2. Go to the France 24 site
      3. To the right of the address bar, click on the “More” icon (three dots)
      4. Click on Settings > Site settings > Notifications
      5. Select “Block”
    • Using Safari
      1. Open the Safari browser
      2. Click on Safari (upper left)
      3. Click on “Preferences” then “Website” then “Notifications”
      4. Find France 24 on the list and select “Refuse”
    • Using Mozilla Firefox on a computer
      1. Open Mozilla Firefox
      2. Click on the “Menu” tab (three horizontal bars) then click “Options”
      3. Click on “Privacy & Security”
      4. Go to “Permissions” and click on the “Settings” tab
      5. You can now block France 24 news alerts
    • Using Mozilla Firefox on a smartphone or tablet
      1. Open the Mozilla Firefox app
      2. Go to the France 24 website
      3. Click on the control center (the padlock icon to the left of the browser window)
      4. Click on “Edit site settings”. Tick the white box then click on “Initialise”.
      5. You will no longer receive France 24 news alerts
    • If you use another browser, check under “Settings” to change your subscriptions.

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